Team Building/Events Planning

From innovative and empowering conferencing designed to uniquely deliver your content with a fresh perspective, to exclusive networking events and parties designed to engage, inspire and maximize productivity, the creative Century Hospitality Solutions approach delivers your meeting's story in ways beyond your expectations.

At Century Hospitality Solutions, we believe in providing exceptional value to our clients with superior amenities and services that are included in the overall experience and price. Century Hospitality Solutions offers you the flexibility to diversify and spread a professional development experience that meets the specific needs of your meeting or convention—from an exceptional presentation to a one- or multi-day program to tours or team-building exercises. Whichever you choose, Century Hospitality Solutions offers unique experiences that engage and energize your group with a fresh perspective. Come for the meeting and live the experience! The convenience of on-site hotels is an essential part of the CHS Meetings experience. It's an ideal benefit for families and friends, and a great way to drive attendance too. Simply, with your exclusive team come, share the ideas, inspire the world, enjoy the moments and live the experience.

Hotel Management Consultants

At century Hospitality Solutions we are a focused and delivering company that ensures worthy returns for investors on investments. We have a stipulated, practical system that revolves around the employee(team), the employer(owner) and the guest to ensure successful business operations.

Whether it is the guest’s first or fiftieth visit, good management system empowers the hotel service team to deliver on each guest’s individual needs and expectations resulting in an outstanding guest satisfaction. In addition, good management system optimizes staff task assignments ensuring all issues and requests are resolved in a timely manner. Further, it helps in making insightful decisions from data analysis lowering operating costs while improving guest satisfaction and profit maximization. Such a system would also help track all of your guest information and interactions in one place. Seamless integration with your property management system (PMS) and central reservation system (CRS) makes taking care of your valued guests easy.


At Century Hospitality Solutions we are committed to providing both international and regional students and professionals with training, work experience and cultural exchange in a reputable business environment. We achieve this through forming partnerships with leading educational institutions, Government Departments and leaders in the hospitality industry. Students and young professionals are presented with the opportunity to broaden their professional experience.

All interns are allocated an Program Supervisor (PS) to act as the point of contact with a focus on guidance and mentoring throughout the entire internship program. The Program Supervisor prepares interns for their internship and ensures that they get the very best out of the program!
Host organizations are allocated an Internship Program Coordinator (IPC) to understand their business and work to identify interns needs and preferences and in turn provide the most suitable candidates in the region. The IPC monitors the host throughout the internship program and ensures that all programs are negotiated in alignment with industrial relations laws.
The institution will provide the students with all the statutory legal documents to undertake an industrial training program(attachment) i.e. log books, insurance covers… Additionally, the institution will be responsible in liaison with internship program coordinator the necessary support, training, and assessment and the end of the course. ongoing support, marketing material, reporting and more.


For a while now, Century Hospitality Solutions has offered executive hospitality recruitment services for both employers and job seekers Whether you are searching for your ‘inventor’ or an exciting new opportunity, the professionals at Century Hospitality Solutions are here to help you attain that!

As exclusive recruiters for the hospitality industry, we’re trusted by our valued partners; hotels, resorts, restaurants, private clubs and other hospitality-related industries – and the professionals that serve them. We work with established and reputable hospitality companies as well as many exciting startups. You’ll find us to be unlike typical hospitality recruitment agencies. We strive to provide candidates with perfect-fit positions for career develop – it is more than just their next position; we do it for the current and future generation.

Professionals we place;
  • Area Directors
  • Banquet Chefs
  • Banquet Managers
  • Catering Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Chief Financial Officers
  • F & B Controllers
  • Clubhouse Managers
  • Culinary Services Directors
  • Director of Operations
  • Directors of Community Relations
  • Directors of Food Service
  • Directors of Sales & Marketing
  • Executive Chefs
  • Food & Beverage Directors/Managers
  • General Managers
  • Human Resource Directors/Managers
  • Kitchen Managers
  • Sales & Marketing Directors/Managers
  • Online marketers
  • Public Relation Officers
  • Guest Relations Officers
  • Unit Directors/Managers
  • Regional Directors/Managers
  • Restaurant Managers
  • Restaurant Supervisors
  • Head Waiters
  • Restaurant Captains
  • Waiters and Bar attendants
  • Hostesses
  • Sous Chefs
  • Front Office Directors/Managers
  • Guest Services Managers
  • Receptionists
  • Executive House keepers
  • Floor Supervisors
  • Room Stewards and Laundry attendants
  • Chef de parties
  • Head Stewards

Our dedicated team of recruiters are here to make sure that we find the ideal candidate for your property. With extensive experience working in the hospitality industry we pride ourselves on understanding all your needs and our team of recruitment experts are here to help you in every step of your way.
Are you looking for your next position within the hospitality industry? To be added to our candidate list simply email a copy of your CV to or contact us on+254 702619123.

Tours And Safaris

There’s no better feeling for a guest like connecting with new places, people and experiences through travel and exploration. From the unique and surprising to the unexpected, get those “unbelievable, unforgettable” moments through a series of ‘Safaris’ in the world of unknown in the East African Region!

With all the, logistics taken care of by Century Hospitality Solutions, you’re at liberty to just be – live the moment, to be inspired, to live a life full of joy as an individual and as a family. For a while now we’ve considerably developed our tours with one goal in mind; to enable our guests to live A life full of joy. We connect you to people and places in the region to reveal the true soul of the destinations we visit, the real thing. When you travel with us we take care of all your concerns, so you’re free to just be – be happy, live the moment, be inspired.

We Can Help You Build Your Hospitality facility

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